Sunday, January 5, 2014

On a ROLL!

A goal for 2014 is to spend at least two hours a day, five days a week, in my studio. I needed a way to track my time, ideas and progress. A planner seemed in order. Me actually using said planner is another thing...

Joining a group making planners seemed like a good idea. (See badge on the right side of my blog)
My goals run parallel with theirs, but we are not on the wave length. I made a planner from a scrap book someone gave me a while ago. Where as the Documented Life  Project's goal is to make a pretty art filled planner and fill it with art and writings about your year of triumphant, my planner is to keep me on track, achieve some goals, hit deadlines and keep me from sliding into a Netflix coma.

I like the Documented Life Project, what a great project. I'm just not in the same place they are. My planner is not a work of art and probably won't morph there before the end of the year.

Here is a sample of my messy inside work so far. In a day or two it will look worse as I write more notes, paperclip in magazine articles I want to keep, and attach scraps of paper with ramblings of ideas and future project.

I followed one of the Documented Life prompts-- use an image of a door on your first page. A gateway to the new year. They suggested to use your home's frontdoor, but no rules, pick a door, any door.
From my home's front door, looking across the yard you see my studio door. From my studio I see my home's frontdoor. As I have been in a creative rut, I need a new view.
Yep, I picked the door of the Tardis. That door is the ultimate door to pass through. As all Dr. Who fans know, the Tardis flies through time and space.
This week's prompt is to add a  "selfie" -- photo of yourself to the planner. Or add a word that sums up how you intend to proceed in 2014. I had already picked two words, Go and Do. Since they are on the front of my planner and no "selfie" needed in my planner, I'm  on track with the project.
I've spent two hours in the studio today, Yeah me!
Now off to tackle family life.
See you tomorrow!


  1. Planners have never worked for me. Even when traveling, we have a general destination in mind but often go off in other directions. Of course to secure a camping spot for our RV, we usually call ahead when we stop for lunch each day.

  2. I applaud you. But for me, I don't plan, I just do. Just the way I'm built, I guess. You could say that I plan as I go along, as in: Now I'm going to go and do X.

    1. I usually don't plan but as I get sidetracked so easy...thinking I need to stick to a plan and get some things done. I have MANY ideas for projects, save supplies for them then can't remember what the idea was for. I need to get my studio life together or scrap it and get a job.