Thursday, January 30, 2014

Me, teaching tonight!!

 Once a month the Women's Circle Group meets at the Bottlebrush Gallery in Harmony, PA. At their meetings a different instructor (each month) introduces them to a new art form. Tonight, it's me and these fabulous ladies making mail art and a few other fun goodies.

MJ, the gallery owner, asked me to teach a mixed media class with a Valentine's Day theme. Since the group has not meant for two months, I decided to make the projects  "go at your own pace".

Making a postcard isn't hard. What I hope to introduce to the group is how to work with paper in ways they have never done before. Sewing paper is something I do all the time but somehow whenever people see my work they are surprised that it can be done. We will be venturing into hand and machine sewing of paper tonight.  I also want to do a bit of work using water  to manipulate paper.

I think we are going to have a  lot of fun making "old school" handmade 

Have a great day and stop back for a visit soon!


  1. Sounds like a great class with a nice mix of techniques and an unintimidating/manageable project. Have fun!

  2. Fun. I love those Valentine's on the ribbon....xox

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, the class went really well. More people showed up than I was expecting which was nice. Best of all was how much I enjoyed all company, such fun women!

  4. Wonderful Jill!! This is so exciting!! I love your work samples and how you have a variety to show that anything goes! I LOVE sewing on paper!!! Congratulations on this opportunity! What do you think about teaching? Wanna do more??? :)

    1. I did like teaching the class. I'm not sure I could do it daily. The gallery owner would like me to teach more, we shall see how it works out. Today I'm getting some pieces ready for a photography show, rather excited! The opening is next Friday, I haven't been to an opening in a while. All the nerves!