Saturday, January 11, 2014

Mail Call!

This week I have been replying to the mail art pile
building on my desk. Now I need to share some of those postal
traveling works of art that landed in my mailbox.
These first two are Christmas greetings.
The top postcard is from Corrine Gilman of
Sparkle Days Studio. Link
Corrine is a creative wonder with a dash of poet for good measure.
 (Do drop by her web site, it will brighten your day)
Now, a postcard from Jane Smith. Jane makes the most interesting
collage mash-ups I have ever seen. One has to study her work to
catch just how cleverly she  arranges the collage elements.  

These next mail art pieces are from fellow IUOMA members.
(IUOMA= International Union of Mail Artist) Link
This bundle of goodies was thoughtfully mailed to me by
C.Z Lovecraft of MA.
Carl Chew of Seattle, sent me this sheet of stamps featuring
his art work. Not only did he sign the page but he scribed a short note.
"Jill is the best artist in the world.'
Well heck, thanks Carl ...and back at you!
A big thanks to all my mail art friends.
Have a great day, I'm off to the post office. Sending some of my art work out into the world!


  1. Wow you get good stuff. Of course thanks for the shout out and you know I love Linda Jane's work, here collage's are amazing....the other two, new to me but fab. Love those stamps. xox

  2. Neat stamps, and to think you got them signed, too. I bet you never use them on any mail.

    1. So far I have not used the stamps, but one of my kids took a row and put them on a school notebook.

  3. Happy Artsy New Year Jill ! Love this post (!) Always fun to see my work online. And Corrine's too, seriously the 3 of us need to get together to make art ! Thank you for the beautiful card you sent to me, it arrived yesterday from the Polar Vortex! Just lovely work. xo Jane