Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For lovers of Paper

I've been working on this piece the last few days. The photo is of the interior of a wasp nest. At some point I thought it would look fabulous painted with chrome spray paint. Turns out I was right! To make this image I printed the photo as it looked in all it's chrome glory. Then I took the same (chrome) photo and edited it into a black and white image. Now, having two different versions of the image I cut portions from one and glued it on top of the other. Where did the color come from? Markers, I drew on top off the image.
I made the try from Styrofoam packing pieces, black construction paper and black tissue paper. Of course all these things came from my hoarded pile of trash that resides in the corner of my studio.
(you never know when you'll need these things)
In a paper mache type method I glued the construction paper and tissue paper to the
packing material with Collage Pauge

The bottom of the tray is a piece of cardboard painted black.
How to finish this piece?
One idea I had was to use Faux Encaustic. Colette Copeland (who's blog I love) wrote a wonderful article in the Somerset Studio Magazine's Dec/Jan issue on how to make Faux Encaustic. Stay tuned to see the final look for this piece of art work.
See Colette's blog, A Bird in the Hand, on my blog roll located on the left side of the screen.
Before you leave this post, click on this Link to see example of some of the most amazing works of paper art from around the world. I could not get any kind of visual reference from this site to link here, nor would it relocate to my Face Book timeline.
These paper artist will inspire you and cause your jaw to drop.
It can't get any better than that!
Have a great day and stop back soon.


  1. I read her article and that might just be the trick for this piece. Love it so far, can't wait to see it finished. Feeling the urge to find some plywood to paint on....xox

  2. Thanks for the link. That paper art is fantastic!!

  3. fantastic wasp's nest. The combination of photos gives it such a 3-D look. My brain is telling my eyes this is an actual nest, I'm having a hard time seeing it as a flat piece. The intricate construction of these nests always leave me in awe and wonder. I love what you're doing with the imagery.