Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Deep Freeze!

Happy Day! Lynn Radford is back at Trash Bubbles and Life's Little Bits blog (link)  The last few months several of the blogs I follow have been sitting idle. I do hope more of my favorite bloggers return soon.

As I wait for the return of my artistic friends I have decided to add a few new blogs to my blog roll.
Any suggestions?

Do you have a favorite blog that others should know about? Please leave links to one or two of your favorite blogs in the comment box.

My studio time today was spent making mail art. These small watercolor postcards were inspired by the arctic vortex that has plunged western PA into negative temperatures. Today the Pittsburgh Airport has cancelled flights, schools are closed along with some businesses. Staying home is the best option in these fridge temps.

If it warms up tomorrow I will venture out to the post office.
In the mean time, I'll put another log on the fire and sip my tea.
Have a great day wherever you are.


  1. Hi Jill,
    Guilty ... as charged! I so admire your honest communications, and while this transition south and north and south again has been more disruptive to my blog schedule than I would like, it's not an excuse. My creativity needs a serious jump start!! I love your watercolour post cards. They tell the story perfectly!

    1. In truth my blog has had long gaps in between posts too these last few months. Life side tracks us all...and we all fall into creative ruts. Pulling myself out of one now. Seeking other like minds is a good start. Always enjoy your posts, looking forward to the next!

  2. Loving your trees, so illustrating this cold, cold weather......too many good blogs, easy to get sucked in and never catch up. xox

  3. The temperature rose today and will keep rising. I will be going out today. Although, polar vortex or not, I've been going out when needed, all bundled up. xo

  4. In stark contrast to this absent blogger, you've been busy and productive and inspiring! I've not read a single blog, any blog, for about 2 weeks and have spent a lovely number of hours catching up today. there's lots of new-year action out there. perhaps it will rub off on me! hope your cold snap breaks. our forecast is for 50 degree rain tomorrow, bur right now it's still cold and snowy.

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Jill! Glad to see that you have been productive and are keeping up with your two hours a day in the studio. Maybe when the weather breaks, you can stop by Piney Creek Acres to spend some time in the studio with me. :)