Monday, December 30, 2013

Year's End

You might have noticed that I have changed up the look of my blog. Yes, I am fully emerged in the physiological  change the New Year can bring on. The embracing of starting over fresh and all the possibilities that go with it.

Last November there was a shuffle of older children moving out of my every day routine. The attention they needed from me varied (as two were young adults) but when your life moves from a circle of three children and one grandchild down to one child, it throws you off balance. I'll admit that after doing this mom thing for thirty years I have been looking forward to the day where I was not needed so much. This sudden change in life style has left me a bit shell shocked.

With the promise of a  New Year I hope to find surer footing. With great optimism I welcome 2014.

See you all soon in the New Year!


  1. You and yours have a Happy New Year. Keep the art coming in 2014.

  2. I join you in welcoming 2014 with great optimism. xoxo

  3. Fab new header, so you...soon enough you will get into the swing of more time for yourself....then watch out. Happy New Year. xox

  4. It's so different, shifting focus from outside the self, to inside the self! I have to shift constantly, not because I have kids but because I am a co-dependent personality and worry too much about other people's feelings and needs. Balance! That's what we need. You will continue to be a healthy creative woman this year, I just know it!