Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Fox

The YouTube video hit
What Dose the Fox Say? ...

has transformed into a children's book just in time for Christmas.
The book takes the original song lyrics that are somehow magical  words,
and combines them will imaginative art work.

I bought the book for a twelve year old who loves the music video and
is also a talented artist herself. For reading purposes, the book is more suited to younger children.

My personal thoughts on the video and book, they make me smile.

                                                    Just in case you somehow missed the
                                                        "What Does the Fox Say?"
                                                   hoopla check the link below and the book
                                                   can be found on
If you can not view the video below, go to You Tube and look for What Does the Fox Say?
or leave Internet Explorer and view my blog on Google Chrome. The video would only embed on  Blogger using Chrome.

Ylvis, a Norwegian comedy team who created the video seem to have captured the worlds attention with this off the wall catchy tune. I'll admit the first time my kids showed me the video I didn't know what to think. Over time its grown on me, I am most certainly a fan.


  1. Okay, I will say, it is quite weird, but in a charming way...And I have heard foxes for real....I know what the fox say. xox

  2. Watching a large group of middle schoolers sing and dance to this turned me around on the charms of this song. On the one hand, I find it intolerable and hope to never hear it again, but then seeing the sheer joy on those pre-teen faces has made me more forgiving.

  3. I'm so glad you posted this - I didn't know about the book, but I'm obsessed with the video, and I love the mileage this song has given the likes of GMA, Kelly and Michael etc.... did you see everyone's hallowe'en take-offs?

    1. It's funny how some kinda "odd" things take off like wildfire. I think here in the U.S. we needed something lighthearted. Gloom and doom news gets old.

  4. We love the Fox song in our house and just came across the book today at the store! I still can't make those cools sounds like in the song... LOL