Thursday, December 12, 2013

Join In

Kickstarter is place on line that helps fund projects. Recently I donated to a documentary being filmed. The documentary is stalled until funding can be found. The subject of the film is Seeds. You might be thinking, seeds???    Why ?   We need seeds to feed the world and right now a handful of corporations are in control of the world seed supplies.

These companies are genetically modifying our food supply. They are also claiming copyright infringements if you collect seeds from a plant that originated from one of their seeds.

Here is a clip about Seed the movie.

Please take a moment think about how you can help and please spread the word. We need to start talking about this issue that effects every living organism on our planet.


  1. I find it frightening that it's almost impossible to find non gmo food are right, we NEED to pay attention and through our dollars purchase for good of ourselves, our bodies and our planet. xox

  2. Hey Jill, this is very enlightening. Maybe we should have some kind of ART project (that we can all contribute to) that celebrates knowledge of our seed situation....?
    (after Christmas of course!) Cheers. Jane

  3. There is growing opposition to GMO (and that copyright thing is disgusting), so I'm for anything that highlights the problem. Well done!