Monday, November 25, 2013

Phone... what????

Monticello Yellow!
Since I have not be terribly productive( art wise) lately, I decided to enter a Phone-ography art show.
What is Phone-ography? Photos taken on a cell phone. The  photos were sent via the internet and will be printed and sold by the art center during the show that runs from December 11-29th.  
The Firehouse Art Center is hosting the show in Longmont CO. These are the folks who put on the bicycle art show last summer. 
I sent this photo I took at Monticello last June. A  yellow 1950's Argus camera lens filter was placed  over my cell phone camera lens. I'm not sure how the photo will be received. I discussed my choice with a fellow artist, Maria Leysens last week. ( After my husband talked me into using this photo) What this photo has going for it is it's uniqueness. Either it will be the "clunker" in the show or the "standout".
The trick at a photography show is to make a viewer stop and look. It's easy to walk by a row of photos and glance at them quickly. So here is to getting someone to "Stop and stare"... love that song by One Republic.
What I like about the photo is the yellow sky, and the dark tree branches at the top of the photo push the background back, making it look 3D. That's kinda cool...but the subject matter is a bit dull.
Want to know where my inspiration came from?


Recently the people who care for Monticello discovered that the dinning room had been painted yellow during the time when Thomas Jefferson was in residence. Ralph Lauren was commissioned to develop a shade of yellow paint to match the original yellow. Monticello Yellow is now available in a paint store near you.

Now I wait and see how the Colorado art audience reacts to my twisted Colonial American subject. More importantly, I'M IN A SHOW! Next, I get off my butt and clean up my studio so I can get back to work.


  1. Your Monticello photo is simply breathtaking!! I think you're making your mark in phone-ography, and I love the inspiration for your choice!!!