Monday, November 4, 2013

Finishing what I started...

Last fall I stared this painting. I decided to do something different, color shifting is what I called it. Instead of an orange pumpkin, I shifted the orange color to the background. The blue background color to the bird. Then finally the black color of the bird to the pumpkin. Get it?
I'm finishing the painting...finally.  I added some patterns after a visit to a quilt show.
I'm not sure the painting is done, but it is going somewhere...
I had hoped life would slow down once school started, nope!
Two of my kids moved into new housing in Oct, one to her first apartment.
Eva's cat Mr. Tree went missing, then was found very ill. He passed over the weekend.
It was an emotional roller coaster for about eight days.
It might seem a bit quick, but I got her a kitten. Eva has had a lot of big changes happen in her life lately and I felt she needed to have a kitten to love and care for.
So, the reign of Cookie begins.
(We call Milk Bones in our house cookies! not sure it was a good name choice)
Have a great day. I'm going to try and get my head around the fact that it is November.


  1. Nice!! I really like the colors.

    1. Thanks, it feels good to finish a project and think you went in the right direction, finally!

  2. I really like the "color shifting" and the new kitty is adorable. xoxo

    1. Thanks. The kitty is great but I think we should rename her Chaos. My dogs are all stirred up.

  3. Sweet crows and pumpkins...Cookie creating the idea. xox

  4. Your pumpkin project was a great success! I love that you went right out and got a new cookie - I mean kitty! It's the best way to heal from the loss of a pet. She's adorable!

  5. Oh, I'm so sorry about the cat. Cats are so sensitive about moves. If they stay indoors they do so much better. Cookie is so cute!
    I love your project. That blue is amazing!