Wednesday, November 6, 2013

At the last minute I decided to do the 2014 Sketchbook Project.
The sketchbook arrived about three weeks ago and I thought I had a plan for a theme.
This sketchbook was going to be about the Duck visiting Pittsburgh.
I was all set to start the project yesterday but couldn't find the book anywhere.
I searched and searched, finally finding it in a spot where I had looked  several times.
In my defense I was looking for the mailing envelope it came in. It seems I had toss it out and the little brown cardboard sketchbook was free floating in my studio full of paper and cardboard.
After searching my studio and looking at all my "stuff", I thought-- I have some cool things.
So, I decided to share my collections and trash piles with the world.
Yep, this sketchbook will be about the things housed in my studio.
For the cover, I placed leaves I preserved in a flower press. Then I spray pained the cover with my favorite, Chrome spray paint. (I had used that paint on pumpkins)
Next, I removed the leaves and painted their relief image with acrylic paints.
Today I start on the inside pages!
The weather has finally turned cool enough for me to cut down the wasp nest.

I think water eroded the back of the nest. I did read birds also will break open the nests
to find larva and the few remaining wasps at the end of the season.
Most of the wasps die and the queens leave the nest spending the winter in hiding elsewhere.

The crack in the back is large enough that I should be able to knock out most of the
dead bugs inside along with all the loose chambers.
I just hope I don't do to much damage when I "clean house."
It's really easy to put a hole in the nest.
I will be spending the day glues my treasures inside the sketchbook.
What will you be doing?


  1. OMG! I LOVE this cover! I'm so glad you're in the project! Did you have yours digitized? Anyway, I look forward to seeing your progress in it!

    1. I didn't have it digitized this year. I will probably load it on my Arthouse co-op page myself...if I remember how. I will be posted pages here on my blog too. I signed up for the Southeast tour.

  2. what a great theme for your sketchbook - can't wait to see what develops. that wasp's nest is gorgeous. we had one in our front yard one year and I watched the woodpeckers go at it throughout November. Snow finally knocked it down. I found a bit of one while walking this week and carried some home, wondering how I could incorporate those beautiful papery layers into a collage.

  3. Yep this idea is fantastic! We are artists have treasures and inspiration stored in our studio. I have no doubt this will be your best book yet!

  4. Great find that nest. We have a huge one hanging in a tree near where we walk every day....I am waiting for it to fall.....Have fun with the sketchbook project. xox