Thursday, October 10, 2013

Yeah! I can type text today. Yesterday I could only upload photos to my blog. I was swamped with pop-up adds. Then a search box started popping up on the side of my screen. Turns out an" ad tool bar" attached itself  to my computer somehow. (it wasn't at the top of my screen like other tool bars...beware!) It took me hours to find out what happening. I uninstalled the tool bar and things seem to be back on track.

What a week it's been. Monday, we spent three and a half hours at the pottery studio finishing projects. Since most of our projects were not made on a wheel we have to let our pieces slowly dry for two weeks. No class for us next week. (I forgot to take my camera to the last class, dang!)

Mom checking out a book.

Tuesday mom and I caught up with the Sketchbook Project's Traveling Library in downtown Pittsburgh. All of the sketchbooks were from the 2013 Project. I was highly impressed with the organization and efficiency of the system they use to track down sketchbooks. I think Obama should hire these guys to get his healthcare website working, they have it going on!

Sadly, I was not as efficient as the sketchbook people, I didn't make a list of people from other blogs who have sketchbooks on the tour. When I got there I couldn't remember last names. They were needed to search the computer base at the traveling library. Dang, dang, dang!

For those of you wondering about the duck photo check out this video.
The Rubber Duck is 40 feet tall and is floating on the Ohio River in downtown Pittsburgh. The artist who created the duck, Florentijn Hofan (Dutch artist) explains why he made the duck in the video.

My mom and I sat by the river for a while and watched people's reactions to the duck. Some took really funny photos of their friends with the duck. We had several good laughs!

Here are a few shots taken around Point State Park. If you have never been to Pittsburgh, please put it on your bucket list. For a midsize city it has a lot to offer.

Heinz Field

The Carnegie Science Center

I hope you all have a "ducky" day!


  1. Now that is a huge rubber duckie!!

  2. What a fun week of events. It's quite a thrill when the Sketchbook Project rolls into town isn't it? Are you working on a new 2014 version?