Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Tuesday I finished up a pottery class. The class took a few unexpected turns. My mom and I were not typical students. In all fairness, I warned the instructor that working with us was a bit like trying to herd cats. I didn't care to work on the wheel. (no desire to make a bowl, cup nor plate)
 Mom on the other hand liked the wheel but when she saw me wonder over to the clay roller, she had to give it a shot. Mom made a very large sunflower bowl. It is BIG with large petals spreading out in all directions. I didn't get a picture before we left. (*#@**^!!)
The photo above is of fish I hand carved and painted with under glazes. I'm very curious as to how they will look after a firing. I also made tiles. They were stamped with the fish blocks I carved a few months ago.

Can't wait to pick them up. It's killing me waiting to see how they turn out.
These are the blocks I carved in case you missed them on an older post.

Cold weather is descending on us here in PA.
There is snow in tomorrows forecast, yuck!
Keep warm wherever you are.


  1. Oh can't wait to see the finished product. They look so cool Jill. xox

  2. Love your fish, Jill ! Those tiles are going to be wonderful !

  3. I can't wait to see the fish either. Love that you follow your own drummer!!! xo

  4. Wonderful Jill!! I am so excited you got into the clay! I always love your fish. I love how you continue themes through various mediums. Such an inspiration!

  5. Your posts are always humorous and informative, but your 'herding cats' comment made me laugh out loud! I have only taken a few pottery classes, but I share your excitement and anticipation for the finished product.The fish you showed are great!

  6. I'm loving this fall weather!
    Did you pick them up yet? I'm very curious!