Monday, October 21, 2013

Quilt Show

               Over the weekend I attended the Woodland Quilters 2013 Quilt Show at Camp Lutherlyn.
My mom is a quilter. Me, not so much, but I do enjoy admiring the hard work and creative choices of quilters. There were  238 quilts in the show and they ran the gamut from traditional patterns to modern master pieces. I am a sucker for the more traditional quilts like the Dresden Plate pictured above.
The quilts inspired me with their color choices and geometric shapes. Today I used some of these ideas in a painting that had stalled. ( The painting has been sitting in a corner for a year) More on the painting another day.

I hope you enjoy these photos of the quilt show, they are inspirational works of art.

              This pink snowman was made by Lee Ann Wick, she is a professional longarm machine quilter. My mom has Lee Ann do all the quilting on her quilts. (Lee Ann is a character, can you tell?)

I hope you enjoyed this small peek of the quilt show. Eva enjoyed the show, she left  with her pockets full of candy and several small free sewing projects. Early Trick or Treating!

 Tomorrow I'm back at Wildflower Pottery. We should be glazing our work. I'll take my camera and memory card! Last weekend I took my camera to the Sleepy Hollow Fall Festival in Harmony.
When I got home, I notices the camera memory card in my laptop! (*@#**)  My mom usually follows up with "What mind?" after such incidents. My camera is sitting beside the door ready to go. Crossing my fingers I remember to pick it up on the way out...

I hope you all have an art filled wonderful day!


  1. I have a soft spot for traditional quilts, too. One of my prized possessions is an antique quilt made here in Ontario, in red and white. Thank you for the inspiration. xoxo

  2. Beautiful quilts. We went to convention center in Houston to quilt shows. It was a very huge show. We spent most of the day and still didn't see it all. Never knew that there were so many different types of quilts. They also were selling quilting sewing machines. They sure were big!!

  3. I enjoy quilt shows, as well. It's interesting to see what patterns get your juices following... I too love the Dresden plate.

  4. I don't quilt, either, but I love the idea of making one of my geometric doodles into a sewn paper piece. These are cool! I especially love the last one.