Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Pumpkin Love

I have been painting pumpkins again!
They are for sale at two location, the Bottlebrush Gallery in Harmony, and Body Work in Evans City, PA.

Saturday I am scheduled to teach a pumpkin painting class. So far only a few people have signed up so I doubt the gallery will host the class. We have been having the most beautiful weather. Sunshine and temperatures in the mid 70's. Who wants to spend a Saturday in doors?

Here in Pittsburgh we are high on the Pirates being in the playoffs. Baseball and perfect fall weather has us basking in the perfect soft fall sunshine.
(The soft low light of fall is perfect for picture taking!)

Other fall news, stink bugs are invading our homes here in western PA. They are looking for a warm place to spend the winter. The photo above is circulating on Face Book. The Steelers certainly stink so far this season!


  1. Fabulous pumpkins. Imagine them all in a pumpkin patch! xo

  2. Love the blackbirds on your pumpkins, Jill !

  3. You are having so much fun with these. I love the blackbirds too and those funky witches shoes. xox