Monday, October 14, 2013

Finding Your Path

The other day I stumbled upon something that got my blood flowing and answered a big question that has been on my mind. The question has been "why can't I keep my art career dreams moving at a steady pace?"

Often it's the job of being a wife and mother that derails my creative flow. Life happens, and I get off track. This past Saturday I was home alone and cleaning out the refrigerator. I decided to pull up Oparh's Super Soul Sunday web page, something to listen to as I cleaned. Featured was an interview with Steven Pressfield the author of The War of Art. Mr. Pressfield spells out clearly why I have the starts and stops that I do. It comes down to the law of resistance. When a person sets out to be an artist, writer or any endeavor to create, with no doubt, resistance shows up. He believes this law is as true as the Law of Gravity. As I listened to the interview I knew this was exactly what I have been experiencing. He named my problem. Now I can move forward.

Today when I went back to grab a link to the show it was no longer on the site, the featured interviews had changed.

 The book, The War of Art is on Amazon, or download from Kindle- under $8.00. Remember you don't have to have own a Kindle these days, there are Kindle Apps for Apple and Windows 8 .

I downloaded the book, it is simple and a fast read. It gets to the point.

If you understand that there is resistance, it takes YOU out of the equation. You are left with less self doubt and will stop with the procrastination. The book isn't just for artist, it's for anyone chasing their dream.

Buy the book!

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  1. Thanks for that Jill. Such a well written post! It addressed my biggest dilemma as well, so I will have to get the book to learn more about where all that resistance comes from.