Friday, September 20, 2013

Photo Friday

A few shots of my world.
Pumpkins are on my work table.
Earlier this summer I was stung by a bald face wasp. I recently found the nest.
The nest is at least 12 inches long and looks to be quite round.
I am patiently waiting for the first hard frost, then that nest will be mine.
I have a plan on how remove the nest, no way am I getting stung again!


  1. Be careful with that hornet’s nest. Make sure that any eggs that may be in it don’t hatch out if you bring it into your warm house. And WOW, those are some fancy pumpkins!

  2. I sure hope you aren't allergic to wasps - keep us posted on your nest extraction success, and keep painting pumpkins - Love the silver details!

  3. Holy cow, I would have screamed like a tiny little girl! Wasps make me FREAK!

    I hope you're all healed. And that's quite a nest...