Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Many thanks to Jane Smith of Oceanside, CA for this wonder piece of mail art.
Her art always makes me smile. It has a quiet joy and holds many secret elements. You have to study her pieces to see all the elements in play.
Jane, your "playing with paper wings", is a flying success.
Tomorrow I will be back in the studio. The last two weeks I have been busy with family life. The kids are now back in school and my husband came home from Italy over the weekend. We are all looking forward into settling into a daily routine once again.
So, what's on my art agenda? I will be starting a pottery class next week. I'm a beginner so I'll have lots of things to share about the experience. There also may be some teaching opportunities for me at a local gallery in the future. This week I plan on making mail art, always a fun way to get creative juice flowing once again.
I'll be dropping by all my favorite blogs real soon!


  1. Kids back in school. Music to some their mom's ears. I bet it is good to have your husband back home.

  2. You will love the pottery classes!

  3. I took pottery classes in the 90s and loved everything about it. then I moved and never picked it back up again. I miss it. perhaps you'll inspire me!

  4. Teaching opportunities??? This sounds very interesting - can't wait to hear more about it and ironically I have been looking into pottery too!!! Great minds...