Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Yarn Bomb!

(photo from WPXI News)
A group called, Knit the Bridge is doing just that, covering a bridge in downtown
 Pittsburgh with yard. To learn more about the group click this link.
Three of my friends are part of the group and I have been following their progress on Face Book. I hope to see the bridge in person soon.
The Washington Post covered the event link.   as did Yahoo News, The Huffington Post and
USA Today Link.
Wow, what a great bunch of Knitters!
. . .and super cool project.



  1. Love it, fantastic way to bring life to a bridge and bring community to the city. xox

  2. Way back when I used to live in your area, they did a similar thing but I think it was quilts. That may have been before you where born.

  3. Thank you for posting these! I was looking forward to seeing the yarn bombed bridge during my trip in April to see Fiberart International, but, obviously, it wasn't up then. It must be magnificent to see in person. Perhaps another trip is needed...