Friday, August 2, 2013

Photo Friday

I was a print ordering fool these last few weeks. Nations Photo Lab had several print sales. They got me hook, line and sinker. The small green photo in each shot is a 5x7 photo, I added it for scale.
(I used sea shells to hold down the photo edges. Some of these photos were rolled in mailing tubes)
I'm all about sharing what I learned, knowledge is power!
Here is what I learned this week.
Not all the photos I had printed on a large scale turned out well. Some were not as sharp, others the colors were off a bit. I opted out of auto color correction offered by Nations.
The problems I had all come down to pixels. I photo edited on my computer, Nations suggests we use their photo edition program on their site. Next time I will. Sadly I didn't make copies of my photos before I did the editing, so I'm stuck. Next time I will keep copies of the originals so they can be photo edited elsewhere if needed.

I had this photo printed on metallic paper. It has a wonderful shimmer to it,
 my camera didn't pick it up.

These two photos are also printed on metallic paper. The winter scene is over the top beautiful!
Now for lesson number two.
Finding mat boards can be tricky for large size photos. For a few I will have to have mats specially cut, more expense. Now I am trying to figure out how to present and market the photos. The costs are considerably more than selling an 8x10. I LOVE a few of these large odd sized photos so if they become mine for life I won't be upset!


  1. Love your photo work, these are quite innovative.

  2. In my humble opinion, I think the middle picture is the best. It is a great subject, a snow covered road meandering through the woods with fresh tracks. Helps to cool me off from the Texas heat.

  3. Well, that is a challenge I don't think I could take on. Getting my photos printed well enough to frame and sell. My photos give me trouble a lot. I use my iphone too often.

    These are nice. But I agree about losing a lovely shimmer on the snow. That really irritates me when I do that kind of thing! Or detail in a flower!

    Keep reaching!