Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mad Tea Party

 Today we started in earnest on Eva's Mad Hatter birthday party.(one week until  party day!) Our first project is signs. We want to line the driveway with silly information. My husband brought home large pieces of cardboard from work, it took some fast talking to get him to agree. He knows how I hoard cardboard and other paper materials. I finally convinced him that I had a "need" and "real use" for the cardboard.

First we painted the cardboard white with leftover interior latex wall paint. Then I sketched in words and Eva painted the letters with more leftover house paint and acrylic craft paint.

The signs are all "roughed in" with paint.

                                           As soon as the paint dries I will cut each sign out,
                                                        most will be in the shape of an arrow.
                                          The signs will be mounted on dead tree limbs that will
                                      probably be painted white. I'll have to go out into the woods and see
                                  what I find. Have not worked it out yet, just ideas floating in my head.

Once I have the signs cut out, details and shading will be added. I need to keep the signs simple and light in color. It is summer in western PA, which means it's a jungle of green outside. If I want the signs to be seen, they must POP against the vegetation.
Here is what I am up against.

The plant with the berries coming on is Poke berry. I think I might try to make ink out of the berries this year.  Something new to try and play with!  It will be a few weeks until they are ripe. 

I guess I'll head back outside to see if the paint has dried. Tomorrow we start on costumes and a photo booth. Have a great day!


  1. Be careful with that poke berry, it's a poisonous plant so be sure to wear gloves if you use it....Great signs for Eva's party! xox

  2. When the pokeberry plant is fairly young the tender leaves are not poisonous and are good to eat. So, you really don't have to be careful of the leaves, just the berries.

  3. I love this whole idea and the signs are perfect.

  4. The kids - both big and small - are going to love the photo booth!!! Good luck with getting your signage affixed to the trees! If anyone can figure that out, it's you!