Monday, July 22, 2013

Tomorrow is the deadline for the first round of entries in the 
Lilla Roger's Global Talent Search.
The first assignment was to design a journal cover with a playground theme.
I usually don't have trouble coming up with ideas, but for some reason I had the hardest time coming up with a concept. Playgrounds just don't do anything for me.
 When I was a child I lived two blocks from an elementary school that had a huge playground. During summer vacations I did walk over to the school often, but not to swing or slide. Next to the playground was a nature trail that followed a stream for about half a mile into the woods. That is where I spent my time.
I bet some of you are surprised!  (grin)
This next piece was my second entry, the runner up, for the talent search.
( I sent  the top photo to the talent search, they excepted only one entry per person)
Now I wait. Fifty people will make it into the next round and they will be given a new assignment.
If I make it into round two someone better have smelling salts ready!


  1. Of course I Love the Blackbirds with the bright red wings on the playground - I hope that one wins!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, crossing my fingers and toes.

  3. Can't go wrong with a playground for... birds. A winner in my book! xo

    1. Thanks, I hope it gets through the first round. My work is very different from what Lila usually represents in her agency. We will see...