Friday, July 19, 2013

Photo Friday

Experimental photography on this Photo Friday.

 For fun I like to add old camera lens filters to my cell phone. I attach them to the outside of my cell phone, over the camera lens, with Lock Tight Fun Tack. I never know how the photos will turn out. Which is why it's so much fun!

I took the photo above in Asheville NC. Someone had left the sweet peas at the ATM machine. It struck me as funny. In my mind it was an offering on the alter of the money gods.

A courtyard in down town Asheville.

The front of one of my favorite places, Monticello.

The rest of these photos were also taken at Monticello.

I love the sky in this one.

This photo is of a willow tree. I was standing under the tree and shot the photo upward.

These two shots were taken at the  Monticello cemetery.

The lens filters I use are from a 1950's Argus camera.

I have also been experimenting with other things besides filters.

I attached a small piece of copper pipe to the cell phone to make these photos.

If you have any ideas as to what I should attach to my phone to make cool images leave me a message in the comment box.
Can't wait to hear your ideas, REALLY can't wait to try the ideas out!


  1. Love the trees and fence shots. The last two look like kaliedescopes. xox

  2. I like your pics, especially the ones looking down the pipe. Try a double barrel shotgun and then a rifle with the rifled barrel.

    1. I think gun barrels are to long, the phone camera does not have the range. But the danger of using gun barrels is appealing! (grin)

    2. A hand-gun has a short barrel.

  3. Oh, wow. I absolutely LOVE this effect! And Monticello! I can't believe that. just totally cool.

    To attach it to... hmmm... the grill of the car? A headband that's then placed on a child who's then placed on your shoulders. A tree. Think of all the birdies and squirrels.

  4. I am thinking something fuzzy or with some sort of texture instead of only a smooth surface. Yarn, Fun fur.... I will keep thinking on this one! Love what you are doing here!