Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Mail art has been trickling in over the last few weeks. I thought after Corrine's trash bubble arrived I would write a mail art post. Today's the day! To bad I can't find Corrine's mail art. I sat it someplace special so I would find it when the time came to photograph all my mail treasures.
After two searches of my house and studio, I give up. No doubt it will turn up in the morning!
Thank you Corrine for the lovely trash bubble.
The first photo (look up) is part of a fun packed envelope I received from C.Z. Lovcraft.
I am working on my response and hope to have it in the mail soon.
Thank you C.Z. for the gifts and wonderful art.

It seems I am honored, for the second time, to be in Mr Cohen's Brain Cell project.
This time my red wing blackbird woodblock print sit among the artwork of 50 different artist.  
Mr. Ryosuke Cohen started the Brain Cell project in the 1980's. He collects small pieces of artwork from artist around the world then combines them all on to one poster.
This Brain Cell # 856.
Thank Mr. Cohen for including me in your wonderful project, it thrills me to the core!
( I now have three Brain Cell posters, lucky me!)


  1. Great mail. Love that brain cell cool is that. Glad you got to see the bubble.....maybe you will find it and tear it apart and use the bits. xox

  2. Your bird is definitely the best one on that poster!!

  3. So many awesome images to look at, but your bird is a stand-out! Mr. McCohen's BrainCell project is a very cool idea!