Sunday, July 21, 2013


I have been making art on index cards every morning for the last nineteen days.

Daisy Yellow's Index Card -a Day art challenge  has been a lot of fun. This challenge has been a great way to jump start my creativity.

Every morning I go to my studio and make a card. 
It gets me into the studio early, which is good because the studio doesn't have air conditioning.

Around lunch time I have to call it a day. The heat and humidity has been unbearable

The weather is to be cool for the next week. I hope so because I have some projects that need to done  outside in the yard. Plus, paint and glue do not dry in the kind of humidity we have been having.
(my hair is so curly and frizzy I can't get a comb through it, high humidity is the pits)

Have a peaceful Sunday.


  1. Now those are some amazingly good index card artworks!
    It's finally turned cool here too. xoxo

  2. Those are really nice. What do you all do with all the beautiful cards? Have you ever thought of donating them to an old folks home or a convalescent home (which ever is politdally correct). I am sure some of them there would really enjoy them. Just a thought.

    1. Actually friends and family members have taken a few. Some I sent out as mail art so I don't have to many left. I rarely keep anything I make, I usually want it out of my way because I start another project and need space to work.

  3. It has been brutal and thankfully the weather has shifted. like your construction icad.....yes, lots of projects. xox