Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ICAD #17

I have been having so much fun doing Daisy Yellow Index Card a Day challenge. The things you can do with an index card! Who knew????   My camera has been gathering dust so I decided I needed to get it out this morning to see what kind of image an index cards and my camera could make.

I took two index cards and made this:

I then taped this piece to the back window of my studio. Even with the other windows covered I was not able pick up the details, it read plain black in all the photos.

The photos had to be cropped, exposure darkened and a slight teak of saturation was done for good measure.

Original photo.

An edited photo.

Original photo.
I love playing around in my studio!


  1. You are amazing with your creative journeys! Also loved the iPad app called Papers. I must look into that one.

  2. Neat idea Jill! I have been enjoying your index cards - even picked up some index cards of my own! Such an inspiration! :)