Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Art Talk Tuesday

Technology is the word for today. I'm upgrading to Google Plus. So far I've signed in, now I have to figure out what it all means! If you notice a change on my blog that is not for the good let me know.

My other recent experience with new technology was with Papers, an Ap on Eva's iPad. It's a sketchbook with a  variety of tools, -- paint brush, pencil,. . . that you buy. All the pictures on this post were made in Papers. When you pick a tool like say a pencil, it only regulates the line size, your fingers are the guiding force.

 I think I may open an Instagram account next.  I'm not sure Eva is happy about sharing her iPad. I made her switch the spell check to English which annoyed  her. She doesn't speak a second language. We are both dyslexic and can't spell.  My guess is since we wouldn't know if a word was spelled right or not, it doesn't matter what language spellcheck kicks out!    ( hard to argue with that logic, I stump spellcheck all the time)

It is July of 2013, I don't see technology falling out of fashion so I guess I need to get with it!
Please be patient while I once again tweak my blog.

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  1. Nice loose chair sketch, love it. Yes technology, urgh and love at the same time. xox