Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Art Talk Tuesday

Better late than never. The Index Card a Day art challenge started June 1 and runs through July30. June was a crazy month and I never managed to open up my new block of index cards. I need to get back to making art, this should get me moving.

Here is how I made my first card. I cut a page out of an old science book and used it for the background. ( glued it to the index card) My husband left shavings from a square carpenter's pencil in the yard, I picked them up and glued them on the index card. Next, I added paint dots, lots of paint dots.

Day one, done!

The first assignment for Lilla Roger's talent search was announced Monday. The assignment is to design a journal cover for Paperchase. The theme is playground, as in a school yard.
Before I entered the talent search I researched Lilla ( art agent) and her artists. My work is very different from what they are marketing. Today I Googled Paperchase, again not my style.
I'm holding out hope that the reason for a "Global Talent Search" is to find new artist that are not like any of the artist Lilla currently represents.  
I have a good theme idea for the journal cover so I'm feeling okay about the assignment. Now I just have to sit down and work on it.
What kind of  art are you creating today?


  1. Wow!!! I love that picture you made. Done good, again.

  2. Good luck with your assignment Jill - I'm in the gathering phase as well. The Lilla Rogers course starts in the fall by the way. Happy July 4th! xoxo

  3. seriously love that index card. what a fantastic use of the pencil shaving, and old science books are one of my favorite collage sources. So glad you've joined the challenge for July!