Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A few thank yous,

Corrine, I found your wonderful trash bubble! It was under some sketches I had tossed on a shelf.
Thank You Corrine, I love it!  I need to call Lynn Radford the genius behind trash bubbles. She had not one computer, but two computers crash, and has been off line for far to long.

To see more of Corrine's wonderful creations visit her at sparkle days studio 

I would also like the thank two other people for sending me samples of their  artwork. Neither provided an explanation as to why they sent me these wonderful gifts but they certainly turned my mailbox into a mysterious treasure box.

Meral Agar from Istanbul, Turkey, sent me three postcards.  One of Meral's beautiful paintings are on the front of each postcard.  To see more of her work visit Meral's website here.

D. Stone of Baltimore, MD, thank you for sending me your epic poem The Sojourn.
I enjoyed it very much.
I love going to my mailbox!


  1. Marvelous mail. Glad you found the bubble. Sorry to hear about Lynn, wondered where she has been? x

  2. Mail art is such a joy - Corrine's work is so creative!