Wednesday, June 26, 2013

While visiting the Folk Art Center in North Carolina Eva and I both bought artwork. I bought this woodblock print made by Jan Heath of Berkeley Springs WV. I have driven through Berkeley Springs many times but never stopped. We are usually on our way to the beach and being a long drive my family never wants to make an extra stop. Maybe this fall I'll take a weekend trip to Berkeley Springs. It's a cute little town with art galleries, shops and restaurants.

Eva bought this print by Marsha Heatwole of Lexington VA. The picture is of a cat but if you look closely the cat has many hidden pictures making up the image. For example, notice the two people on the cat's forehead. The print is an etching made on a zinc plate.

Both these prints are PRINTS, not photocopies. So often I see photocopies being sold as artwork. I get that with the new printers photocopies are good quality, and affordable, but after buying these to pieces of art I'm rethinking photocopies. I have been toying with the idea of  buying a high end printer. Now I am rethinking that idea.

What do you think of photocopies of artwork? Do you buy photocopies of art from artist?  or Do you sell photocopies of your artwork?

Have a great day!

( I'm waiting for the electric to come back on, major storms last night. We have a generator running this morning)


  1. I really like that second print. Is it lawful for someone without the artist's consent, make copies of their art and sell it? If legal, is it ethical? Making copies for your own use would be OK and sharing it on line would seem OK.

    1. No, you can not make copies of other artist work. I was thinking of making copies of my own to sell but seeing, and owning, a real print seems more like "real" art than a color photocopy print. Color photocopies are a good way to sell your artwork cheaper and in a mass produced way. The prints we bought were signed and numbered. I personally like signed and numbered printed more than mass produced.

  2. Nice prints! Your redwings are quite detailed and the multilayered cat so fascinating. Photocopies okay for zines.....xox

  3. Beautiful prints!!! Since taking my printmaking class, I fully appreciate this medium of work and love it!!!