Friday, June 21, 2013

Photo Friday

This week I was taking photos of leaves. There is a small tree in my studio that likes low light. I left it out in the sun and burnt some of its leaves. I thought they were rather pretty and they became the subject of a photo session. When I was finished I decided to press the leaves. One problem, my flower press was full of fall leaves. I took several out to make room for the new leaves.

Since I had my camera at the ready I took photos of the fall leaves too!

Have a great weekend.  I will out and about in the Asheville, NC area this weekend with my camera.
I hope to have lots of photos next week, see ya then!


  1. I fell down the Lilla Rogers rabbit hole last time I visited your site, and forgot to thank you for sharing such a great link ... I actually signed up for a course. A considerable investment and hopefully a worthwhile one...

  2. Beautiful!!! The background color makes it pop!