Sunday, June 16, 2013

Done and done!
I finished the Fly Me to the Moon remix!
Now I have to scan it into the computer and figure out how to self-publish on Amazon.
( I think I'll stay in "rejoice" mode for a while, not ready for a tech headache)
Thank you C.Z. Lovecraft for the fun mail art envelope. Your artwork is fabulous  and I appreciate all the extra goodies. I sent some art your way, check your mailbox!
Big week here, again. Our house has been crazy for weeks, husband has major yard project, Eva is on summer vacation and middle daughter is painting her bedroom. Everything seems ripped up and a mess.
 The good news is I might be taking a road trip. I am gather up photography equipment, charging batteries and reading tips on lighting. I need to get out of Dodge!


  1. Road trip sounds good.....Can't wait to see your book self published on amazon. Let me know what you think of the experience......xox

  2. Well, I certainly hope you're taking that vacation! Because on July 1 you are going to have a mission!!