Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Art Talk Tuesday

Recently I was in the Asheville, NC. Most people flock to the downtown area where one can shop until they drop. The streets are lined with restaurants, art galleries and boutique shops. I am not a shopper so my time spent in the downtown area was short.

If you are an art lover and find yourself in Asheville I recommend visiting The River District. There you will find artists in their natural habitats--in their studios! 

The River District is off the beaten path and in an area that had been abandoned. To be truthful it looks like most of the area is still abandoned with empty lots and derelict buildings. Later back at my hotel I read about The River District in a tourist magazine and saw a map of the area. When I saw the map I realized we missed several blocks of studios.

The studios I did visit were interesting. Most of the artist were happy to chat, a few others...not so much. I loved every minutes I spent there. Hands down, The River District was one hundred times better than being downtown.

If you find yourself in The River District keep your eyes open and ask an artist about which streets the other studios can be found.
Another stop art lovers should not miss is the Folk Art Center outside of Asheville on the Blue Ridge Parkway. http://www.romanticasheville.com/folk_art.htm
 (these next photos are from the website link listed above, photography is not allowed at
the Folk Art Center)

Artist from the Southern Highlands Craft Guild also are in the building giving demonstrations.
Did I buy any art? You bet!
I'll post the woodblock print I bought tomorrow. I was thrilled to see woodblocks prints. When you see the print  you will understand why I had to have it!


  1. We were just there in May and yes, Riverarts was spectacular and so was the Folk Center, what a beautiful place. The brochure is right on the desk in front of me. What a great trip.....enjoy. xox

  2. I loved Oregon the one time I was there. I think this art walk would be one of my favorite days of the trip. HOpe to get back up there soon...

  3. As long as humans remain on earth there will be artists and art.

  4. Another great tip from your blog ... I love the look of the River District, and will keep that in mind for the trip we plan to make there over the coming year. BTW, my Lilla course doesn't start until the fall, so I have plenty of time to anticipate the upcoming assignments.

  5. Lovely post on Asheville! It is a beautiful, fun and creatively rich town! Glad you enjoyed the Good Road State!