Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Art Talk Tuesday

Last week I attened a women's art group at a local gallery. On that night they were making peace flags. I took a few of the extra blank flags home and experimented. The flags are plain white muslin and I painted them with inexpensive acrylic craft paint.

The photo doesn't pick up the airy paleness of these flags.  I'm not crazy about what I made but I am thrilled with learning a new process. The effect of the paint on the muslin has me wondering where I can go next. Of course I'm thinking I need to start some BIG project.

Muslin and craft paint makes for a low cost, high impact piece of art.

 Here is how I worked the paint into the muslin. Draw out your design. Pick you paints. I put a bit of paint in a dish and added a few drops of water. Take a brush with water only and dampen the area of muslin you want to paint first. I found if I only wet the small area I planned to paint, the paint bleeds but it is a controlled bleed. If  you wet the entire piece of fabric the paint will bleed faster and less controlled.

This next photo was a practice piece I made at The Bottlebrush Gallery in Harmony, PA.

This blurry photo is of The Gates, an art exhibit in Central Park, 2005.
Netflix has a documentary, The Gates, that follows the project's long history.
It took two arts, Christo and Jeanne Claude, twenty years to get New York City
to let them assemble their grand work.
Many, many flag/banners!
My brain is swirling with ideas!
Have you ever made prayer or peace flags?


  1. Yes, these are marvelous.....check out Jane Lafazio's group on prayer flags, you will love what you see. Painting muslin is fun, try gelatin printing on it too! xox

  2. I love making PEACE flags, Jill ! I've made dozens. The conventional wisdom is that they carry our wishes for peace out into the world with the wind if you hang them outside.....oh and they are so lovely to look at !