Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Art Talk Tuesday

Art Ascent is a new art and literature journal that can be viewed in two forms, digital (free) or
 paper($18.) I downloaded my free copy this morning. This publication is interesting because it's interactive. They hold competitions where artist enter for a fee and winners receive small cash awards. Better than the cash award is the media exposure the journal provides.
 It seems to me that the competitions are really on line, and printed, juried art shows. Which I personally think is genius! Finding an audience for your artwork is not always easy. Here is a way to get your work viewed by the world. The local art center in my county is having a hard time drawing audiences to shows. The artists in the shows attend the opening night and they drag along a few friends and family members. Getting the general public to attend these opening nights is next to impossible.
People love to sit in front of screens, television, smart phones and computers, Art Ascent is now showcasing the arts on a screen near you!
Art Ascent is looking for artist and writers, visit their website for details. www.artascent.com
To get a free issue register at Art Ascent, click buy an issue. The choice for a free digital issue is there. Next enter your ID and password for hp MagCloud. If you don't have a MagCloud account, you can register on the spot, it's free. My issue was downloaded to Adobe Reader. The photos are good but I will admit I have not had a chance to carefully read through the issue as of yet.
Art Ascent also has a Face Book page and a few other media outlets.
Now, go get your free issue!

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