Friday, May 24, 2013

Photo Friday

The Photo Friday theme today is, Things Found. The first two photos are of things I found around my yard, Yard Art. The rusted metal was actually found on the road in front of my home.
I had two of my Yard Art series photos printed. They were printed on Fuji Peal paper. The butterfly wings look amazing but photos don't work. The black background is not balanced. I will crop the photos and try again.
Actually this second one isn't to bad.
These next two photos of a bicycle were taken in a creek below my house. It's the same bike. It was  moved around the creek area over several months. Not moved by me, the bicycle is exactly how I found it.
I think I may have had these photos posted here a few months back. This week I mailed them to the
Firehouse Art Center in Longmont, CO. They will be in juried bicycle themed art show.

This last one I snapped in my yard a few days ago.
Pennsylvania is once again green!


  1. Beautiful photographs!! I always like seeing the bike photos over again, but those moths! Holy moly.

  2. Love those bike shots. Good luck getting into the show! xox

  3. Amazing photos, Jill. Truly art!