Thursday, May 23, 2013

My husband took this photo early last Saturday morning. I'm inside, Zeus is waiting for me outside.
(I like the hanging  plant sitting on the roof, kinda funny) A few weeks ago my husband decided the studio needed new steps. We gathered up field stones and barn stones. Our aching backs!

Between rainy weather, and lack of time, the project came to a standstill. Now, I am happy to report that I did not get steps, but a stoop. 

My husband is not finished with the project, stay tuned!

I have been busy with several projects. I had the green photo from Photo Friday printed.

 It was printed on mat board.

It costs a few extra dollars to have photos printed on boards or foam core, but I think it's worth it.
Somerset Studios Magazine is holding a photo reader challenge. They want to see what people are doing with filters, Apps and the like. I'm sending in  this green photo (digitally).

I mentioned briefly in past posts that I'm working on a "remix" of my 2013 Sketchbook Project, sketchbook. I only have a few pages to go. The plan is to self publish the book on Kindle.
The deadline looming largely before me at the moment is the WOW Spring Flash Fiction Writing Contest. I had a piece written and thought I was set. Here we are in the 11th hour, and I don't like it.
Maybe over the weekend I'll post my entry from the WOW Winter writing contest. It's good for a few chuckles. I don't believe WOW has posted the winners yet.
Have a great day and see you tomorrow on Photo Friday!


  1. Glad to see that you are busy with many projects. Good luck on he kindle book!!! Love your stoop. I can relate to aching back moving stones....oh so well. xox

  2. Nice steps!! Native stone, I am sure.

  3. Oh, I don't have a Kindle and I don't use Amazon! What a bummer! But I applaud your project. all the best!

    Zeus is a great name, and he looks like a great doggie! I like your stoop. Rock on.