Sunday, May 19, 2013

Last week I visited a new quilt shop. It sprung up in my sleepy little town without warning.
The owners are a mother and daughter team of professional quilters.  For all my friends and family in the area who read my blog, the shop is next to the RR Tracks in Evans City.
I have made a few quilts, but my mom is the real quilter in the family. What caught my eye on this first visit was a loom. This loom is used to make rag rugs, they also made place matts.
There is a book filled will detailed instructions on how to weave the scrap material and build a loom.

                                                     Rugs From Rags,  by Country Threads.
                        You can learn more about Little Foot Quilt Shoppe on their Face Book page!

                                                  These rugs are cheerful and so darn cute!

                                                   (cotton scraps, makes rugs easy to launder)


  1. Interesting how they are weaving to the middle....never saw that before. Best friend is a weaver and she does amazing rag rugs in such bright colors them. The old in front of the fireplace, then to the kitchen and finally the dogs bed. Those old rugs got recycled a lot and used right up. xox

  2. Love the scrap rug idea! The mix of colors - so inspiring! Thanks for sharing!