Sunday, May 5, 2013

I'm the luckest girl ever! The Arthouse Co-op made a  Sketchbook Project 2013 commercial and my sketchbook is in it! Toward the end of the video they show a my book open to a page with mice and space stuff. It's the page where the mice steal the space travel plans.

Here is a repost of my Fly Me to the Moon sketchbook from January.

My sketchbook is messy and the pages are wavy due to large amounts of paint and glue.
Messy aside, it makes me laugh. I hope you get a chuckle out of it too.

( I used paper, magazine pages, maps, paint, glue and markers to create  this story)

Fly Me to the Moon
A tale of man vs. mice.
Both dream of visiting the moon.

Oh, but the places dreams take you.

A dream, to visit the moon.

A mouse spies the moon through a telescope...
...and a dream is born.

Mouse 1, "Here is everything we need."
Mouse 2, " Let's take it all."

Man , "All of my plans gone....Taken....How? 
What is this?
Footprints....mice footprints."

A dream taken.

Get the mice!

A revenge plot dreamed.

A dream discovered.


A dream undone.

Man, " I need a vacation.  Someplace warm.
Someplace with no mice."
Hawaiian Vacation
A new desire, a new dream is born.

Mouse 1, " Did you pack sunscreen?"
Mouse 2 " Aloha"
The end.

It wasn't until I finished the book and I showed it to my husband that I realized it was
a reflection of my life.
The mice in my life are kids, dogs and cats.
Eva moved into my new studio.
My dogs sit outside my studio waiting for me, even if it's raining.
My husband says it's because they all love me.
I know the truth, if anything happens to me... they know they will all starve to death!
It's in their best interest to keep a close eye on me.


  1. Wow!!! That vimeo on the Sketchbook Project is the coolest thing I've seen in ages - and what a coup to have your sketchbook featured! Bravo! Your photo Friday post was also terrific - especially the casual portraits of the young graduate! They must be thrilled. Enjoy the rest of the weekend Jill.

    1. Thanks for all the nice comments. I too thought the Sketchbook Project video was well done and very cool!

  2. I saw it!! I saw it!!! How exciting! Congratulations Jill!! Excellent video too!! What a wonderful project to be a part of! So excited for you!!!

    1. Thanks Hannah! I was so shocked when I saw my book. Then I screamed like a teenager at a Justin Beiber concert!

  3. That's always the way....they depend on us so much.....! Book is fabulous!!!! xox

  4. OMG!! omgomgomg!!

    I'm going to see again.

  5. Jill. I have no words worthy of your very very cute and fun and playful and uplifting and energetic and happy and detailed and engrossing and well-constructed and pretty sketchbook. NO WORDS!

    Thanks for sharing all these pages.


    1. So glad you liked my sketchbook! I have fun making them.

  6. I love your sketchbook... and I love this project. AND how very wonderfully cool that your page is in the commercial. WOW!!

    1. Thanks Kim! I have a lot of fun with the sketchbooks.