Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hannah, you asked for them, so here they are! A few posts back Hannah from Artist Holiday blog asked to see my carved linoleum/wood blocks. Hannah is also carving blocks and selling prints at her Etsy store. Find Artist Holiday in my blog roll to your left and  a link to her Esty store on her blog.

I have not been working on making new prints this week. I don't know what came over me, but when a friend asked me to take her son's senior pictures I said yes. I know nothing about portraiture. As Levi is about to graduate from high school, his parents want photos to send out with graduation announcements. I jumped at the opportunity. Not because I want to take senior pictures, but because Levi is so interesting. At school he is in ROTC and marching band. Outside of school he is a Civil War reenactor and plays drums in an Irish pub band. I'll be taking pictures of Levi in his Civil War gear outdoors in the small historical town of Harmony. I'm swooning over the possibilities!
 I've been on line for days learning anything and everything about how to  take portrait photos.         
      Wish me luck!


  1. Yay!!!! Beautiful!! This is where all the work is done folks! All the energy to cut every mark you see! Love them Jill!! Thanks for sharing!! :) And awesome on the photo shoot! You are also amazing with a camera, I know the senior portraits will turn out wonderfully! Keep us posted!

  2. You appear to be a master carver!! You should create an entire line of stamps and woodcuts. As for the photography assignment, I have no doubt that you will dive in, and after word gets out, you'll be getting numerous requests for similar portrait sittings. Have a great weekend, and enjoy what I suspect is a welcomed warm up.

  3. oh yay - thanks for showing those! they are quite wonderful.