Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Art Talk Tuesday

As an artist I'm always looking for inspiration and places to showcase my work. Art challenges fit the bill for both. They often have themes and a forum for displaying artwork to a large audience.

The Index Card a Day art challenge starts June 1st and runs thru July 30th. Each day you make a piece of art on a 3'x5' index card. This challenge has the artist working every day and it's a chance to try out ideas, products or new tequnequs.

If you are not sure where to start, or just plain have no ideas, Tammy at Daisy Yellow will have prompts and inspiration posted daily. After you complete your master piece it's time to share. Daisy Yellow has three options, place your work on it's home site, Face Book page or Flickr group. You can do all three!  ( you can jump into the challenge anytime after June 1st. This is for FUN, no pressure!)

For more information, and fun, check out http://daisyyellowart.com/

Recently I was perusing magazine reader challenge web pages. Here are some of the the challenges that caught my eye.

Cloth Paper Scissors      Mixed Media Jewelery- original creations. Deadline July 17, 2013
For details follow this link:

On the Stampington web page there is a plethora of challenges. Never heard of Stampington?  I bet you know a few of the  magazines they publish, Somerset ( 8 varieties), Jewelry Affaire, Green Craft,  Belle Armoire, Altered Couture and the list goes on.

Link to Stampington challenges and artist calls:

Here are a few that I found interesting.

Art Doll Quarterly    
Circus Themed Dolls,   deadline September 15, 2013
Mermaids                     deadline December 15, 2013

Belle Armoire
The Tutu Challenge       deadline March 3, 2014

Somerset Life
Inspired Ideas: Trip to the Library    deadline August 15, 2013
The Magic of Muslim                      deadline November 15, 2013

Somerset Studio
Le Cirque, vintage circus                    deadline October 15, 2013

Stamper's Sample
Stitched hearts                                  deadline August 15, 2013

For challenge details and complete list of upcoming challenges visit Stampington.com


  1. Thanks for the links....I keep saying I will and then I never do....Looks like you are super ready for icad....I bet there will be some index cards mailed.....xox

  2. The index card idea is interesting. I may try it myself, not to show but to see what comes out of it. xoxo

  3. You are a fountain of information ... I really like the sound of the index card challenge, but I am participation challenged ... I think. Maybe you can coach me on this ..... you are the reigning queen in this area!!

  4. I'm hoping to make time for ICAD for June!