Sunday, April 7, 2013

Today should be the last day to glue plants and animals in place. I need to get this piece back on the easel to finish painting the water and reflections.

I'm happy with how its turning out, but I am having great anxiety about the art show. This recycled art show is the efforts of two different recycled art shows combining. Waste Management sponsored one of the shows in the past. I did their first show, it was a disaster. Most of the art work was soda cans and cardboard box based artwork made by kids.

 The Green Art Show held by a local artist association let any artwork the color green, along with art made from recycled materials, enter the show. Most the shows entries where the color green, not recycled art. Kinda hard to go up against an oil painting of a forest.

Recycled art is not understood or appreciated much here in Butler County. Lynn Radford is also entering the show. Her piece will be featuring the trash bubbles she so cleverly invented. I hope that maybe the two of us can inspire people to make trash ART, instead of pieces that are "artfully" arranged trash.  Crossing my fingers I don't regret doing this show.

( I can't even explain how much I am dreading the show's opening night. I really hope I am wrong.
Thinking positively, this time it is going to be fabulous!!)


  1. Your work speaks for itself! I love that you added the red-winged black bird to the foreground, so stop worrying! You'll have a great time! You're lucky to have a local venue for both your art and your message. Enjoy it Jill. xo

  2. Looks great!! Good luck in the contest. I am sure your art piece will do very, very well.

  3. Sending positive vibes...your piece will shine in any case!

  4. It's already stunning. Well done!!! xoxo

  5. A recent phrase I keep telling myself with planning and expectations is to "release all expectations I have". Basically, I do what I do and I try (keyword try really hard) to stop putting my expectations on it and let the pieces fall where they may. My 2 or 25 cents is to continue working your piece (love the details you are adding), submit it and not to think about the show's success or lack of success in your eyes, but what you personally learned through this experience and your personal growth as an artist. I am always trying to change my focus, it can be a challenge, but those past heartbreaks hurt just a little less when I do. You have a wonderfully creative style and just keep being you! :)

  6. I have to admit, I don't know much about recycled art. I'm not sure what would be wrong with soda can art, but it sounds like it was just the hideousness of it that may have bothered you. All I know at this point is that your piece is fabulous. So much detail, and great perspective.