Friday, April 19, 2013

It's national poetry month!
This piece of mail art is from Jane Smith of CA.
I enjoy Jane's work, it always radiates a happy glow.
Thank you Jane for sending me a poem, you picked a good one!
Next up is a fancy envelope from Miss Millicent.
Inside was a letter filled with news to catch me up on details of her busy life.
Miss Millicent was off line for a while, busy mom!
I for one am glad she is back, she cracks me up!
 The Art of Recycling Show is not having an opening night.
It was cancelled due to the small number of entries.
The show is exhibited in a public space so I'm going to see it this weekend.
I was told there are ribbons marking the winners.
I'm disappointed, but not surprised.


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  2. Jill, ENjoy your weekend, and may creative thoughts fill your mind as you attend the Recycling show, and go about your weekend routine. Hope there is plenty of sunshine for you too. xo

  3. Isn't Mary Oliver the best? Thank you for sharing her work and mine on your blog ! xo

  4. I love both Mary Oliver and Jane Smith, her post cards are so inventive, her collage work so happy. xox