Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I would like to thank Dick & Ruth Horam for this beautiful hand made card. I wish you all could see the paper textures in person. They also sent me this news paper clipping.

Artist Nicola Parente designed this beehive out of lunch size paper bags. The artist is primarily a painte, but he makes make art installations that have an environmental message. This particular piece is meant to draw attention to the decrease in bee population world wide. Bee's play an important role in agriculture. Fewer bee's to pollinate plants could lead to less produce being grown.

Parente  made an installation piece a few years ago that got the attention of Houston city officials. At the time, Houston was lacking a responsible recycling program. To draw attention to the problem, Parente made large mushrooms out of wire and moss. Mushrooms are one of nature's best recyclers.  The mushroom exhibition got people talking, and the city responded by make improvements to their recycling program.

Art making an impact for the good of the environment. Thank you Dick and Ruth for sending me the article. I so enjoyed reading about Nicola Parente.

I don't think I mentioned why I made a Wetland for The Art of Recycling Show. Here in Western PA, natural gas drilling/fracking is going on everywhere. The gas companies can not disrupt or pass through a wetland. This has caused many headaches.

Wetlands are important. They act as natural filters and more importantly, they are habitat for a variety of plants, animals, insects and reptiles. Protecting wetlands is not an act of stopping progress, it's about protecting high functioning ecosystems.

Next post I will have more mail art from Jane Smith and Miss Millicent! Yes, she is back!


  1. Great article and art piece with a wonderful message.....wetlands, yes we are surrounded and they are quite protected here. xox

  2. Nice card! It was great to hear your motivation behind the wetlands piece you created. Love the idea of environmental art installations. :)

  3. I am glad you appreciated our card and stuff. My wife likes to do things like that.

  4. That card and article are real gems. WHat an amazing installation the paper bag piece must have been - right up your alley. Let us know how things go with your Wetlands piece! xo

  5. What a great post, Jill! Thanks a lot for sharing this. Most people are completely unaware of these issues, and it always blows my mind when creative people use their energy and effort to bring awareness. Words are not always heard, and are often considered annoying. But an impactful work of art and design can make a difference.