Saturday, April 27, 2013

Go Fish!  Here are my newest carved linoleum/woodblock prints. This first fish is a mooneye. I printed fish on black and white paper but I have to say, my favorites are the ones I printed on trash.

A banded sunfish.
I have a stockpile of fish image. Now what to do with them?
Make some mail art!
Thanks for dropping by.
( You will be seeing some changes here on my blog. Last week I had fiber optic cable installed. My old internet service was a battle every day. The signal would drop in and out all day long. Happy to say goodbye to DSL)


  1. Awesome awesome wood cuts Jill. You have a real talent for this!

  2. Marvelous fish but I have to say the school of fish is my favorite and that looks like a paper bag background! Glad you are getting fast internet, but you will get addicted to how fast it is. xox

    1. I agree Corrine, I like when the fish are in a school too. The minnows from a few posts back were the best so far. The prints on white paper and on trsh are okay. The prints on black paper need something....

  3. VERY cool Fish prints! I wish I lived close enough to come do some print work with you!

  4. Wow!! You have been really busy carving! I love them!!! I want to see the blocks too though! Please? I want to see your carvings. I believe they are a work of art itself! A reduction print would work wonderfully with this subject! The print on the wrinkled paper is my favorite and I really really love when you combine 2 separate images. I want to try that one myself sometime! Keep them coming Jill!!!

  5. those are wonderful! I agree - I want to see the blocks.