Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A few weeks ago I shared some of my knowledge about how to get published in a magazine.
Now, I'm going to share a bit about getting rejected.
Last week I received a box in the mail containing a rejected submission.
The idea for the artwork and article I submitted to Green Craft Magazine came about after I purged my studio. I was in a bit of a panic that I had so few materials left to make art.
To calm myself, I sat down and made a few things proving that our homes are overflowing with reusable items. I thought that would be an encouraging lesson to other like minded people.
What I forgot in my enthusiasm was that this particular magazine offers "how to instructions" in there feature articles. Although I was a great cheerleader for the upcycle cause, I offered no instructional directions on how to recreate the artwork I submitted.
The piece above is made from an old matt board that was damaged. I cut the bad parts out and made a smaller square. The camera image is made from magazine pages and the flash bulb is from my collection of old cameras. I rather like this piece, glad to have it back.
Happy to report I was in the studio this morning working on my recycled wetland.
A blue heron I cut out of cardboard and gave a quick paint job. I'll build the image details with recycled materials.
These will be the flowers for a jewel weed plant. They are made from scrap copper, wire and cellophane that was wrapped around a bouquet of flowers. The plan is to make a large number of plants. Then I'll figure out how to arrange and attache them to the background I made out of cardboard a few weeks ago.
Lots to do!


  1. What I have learned from you in this regard is to make sure you know what the publication is actually looking for before you send your work in. Thanks for the tips. Love your upcycled piece. xox

  2. Love this piece - so clever and cheerful.

  3. Pity really as it is a very striking piece. They could have simply asked for some instructions, a quick email is all it would have taken. Never mind, I was always sad to see a sample go knowing that I might never see it again so I understand how glad you are to have it back despite the disappointment. If you ever want to do a post about not being paid for your commissions then let me know as I have a story that would make your toes curl (UK expression).
    Take care.

  4. I think this upcycled piece is amazing - it has great graphic appeal!

  5. Loving your pieces for your wetland. Nice flower idea! And as for rejections - I went to an artist event recently with a very successful painter doing demos and talking and he said that he had won every major NC art show but he had also been rejected from every NC art show too. That comment has really stuck with me - just keep pressin' on!

  6. I love that you believe in yourself. Presenting art to the public is a bumpy road. Make yourself happy! xo Jane