Friday, March 8, 2013

Today I "roughed in" the background for the wetland piece I'm making for a local
recycled art show. I feel like I made it off the starting line but have a long way to go.
Stay tuned, more to come!
 ( I am painting on pieces of cardboard boxes I glued to a canvas)
So far I've escaped the flu. Eva is feeling better but it knocked the stuffing out of my
skin and bones girl. She hasn't picked her iPad up in days, she really must be sick.


  1. This piece already looks amazing! The palette says spring is here! LOVE IT!

  2. Wow! This piece looks huge! Lovely start I love it already. New blog layout too?

    1. yes it is big, 3ftx4ft. and yes, I have been giving my blog a "make over".

  3. Nice start Jill! Looking forward to seeing the next stage! :) Sorry sickness has invaded, we have been sick here too!