Monday, March 4, 2013

Thank you Corrine Gilman for the trash bubble.
It was fun to find in my mailbox!
For a great art read, visit Corrine at
Also, visit Lynn Radford, the inventor of trash bubbles, at
or read about Lynn and her trash bubbles in the current issue of
Green Craft Magazine.
Life has been keeping me from wondering into my studio.
Last week my oldest daughter Heather had to have an unexpected surgery.
It went well and she is getting better every day.
Tonight Eva is sick, I think the flu.
So, my plan to spend tomorrow in the studio may not happen.
On the up side, I bought some really nice jewelry today at a going out of business sale.
I have a thing for Brighton jewelry, can't have enough!
( the butterfly is also a pin and the fish wiggles!)
I hope to have some news on my recycled wetland soon!


  1. Glad to cheer you up. After I posted about Lynn's article I thought it would be fun to send you one too. Sorry to hear about Heather and now Eva. Hope things smooth out soon. Looking forward to your recycled wetland...xox

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Jill!
    Glad you received Corrine's bubble! Mine has yet to arrive. I'm a bit concerned. I hope it didn't get chewed up by the machines... That no one absconded with it... I've been waiting for another piece of mail from the New England area as well. Maybe weather is a factor?
    Hope things calm down, that everyone recuperates quickly and you get that much needed studio time!

  3. Hope your daughter is back to normal real soon. You better keep your eye on your husband, that new fish jewelry could make a good fishing lure.