Sunday, March 24, 2013

                                                                     Sharing Sunday
The past few days I have been surfing the net in search of answers every artist seeks. Questions about where to find call’s for artist; how to present yourself and your artwork. Basically, how do I find my artwork an audience and look good?
Question number one on any artist mind, how do I find art exhibitions and galleries who have put out calls for artists? The beginner steps to possibly getting into a gallery.
This website took my breath away with its volume of listings.
Also check with local artist groups in your area. Start asking questions!
How to write an artist bio and statement? This one is easy. Just Google the question and several sites with good tips and information with appear.
I need to write a proposal? What? Recently a proposal was part of the required paper work for an art exhibit where I wish to show two photographs. I googled artist proposal and it seemed to me this was for artist who where applying for grants or their own show in a gallery. I was a bit confused why I needed to have a proposal for an exhibit with a theme and a call for artist. I thought I would mention this so if you encounter the request it won’t be a surprise. If anyone has thoughts or knowledge about artist proposals please contact me. Knowledge is power!
 Being an armature photographer I’ve come to the point where I have to take the leap and actually have some of the photos stored in an external hard drive printed. I think they look good on the computer screen, but how do they look in an 8x10 print? Plus why have them stored away where no one can see them?
Where do I find a professional photo lab? And how much more expensive are they compared to local chain store labs? I have good news; the professional online photo labs are affordable! Follow this link to a site where photo labs were evaluated.
 I’ve been using Mpix online photo lab and have only good things to say about this company. Mpix was not in the top slots of the review. I believe I will give the review’s top two labs a try.
Affordable art framing. I’m still working on this question. Affordable; being the main sticking point. Having artwork professionally framed ensures the piece will be protected from aging and look spectacular for years. Sounds great! But once the cost is added to the price of your artwork it can price you out of making a profit. Maybe this is my point of view and I need to get better educated on the subject
I did find a tutorial on DIY  matting and framing online.
Seems like good advice. With a lot of practice maybe I could do it. I’ll admit; I’m terrible at straight cuts and exact measurements.
All comments, advice, or ideas about any of these topics are greatly appreciated.


  1. This is all very helpful, Jill. I know you'll figure it out and I'm looking forward to seeing your results. As an artist, I don't like doing these tasks. I need a manager to get my art out there!! Good luck! Jane

  2. Great info! Thanks jill!
    Good luck with your new endeavors!

  3. You never cease to inspire and amaze with your quest for more outlets and opportunities to share your art. Good luck with all the answers to all your questions, and thanks for sharing.Mpix sounds like a good bet. xo

  4. I didn't know anything about this Mpix thing. Would love to see photos of the book when it comes in. photos of photos. ha!