Sunday, March 31, 2013

More photography! This will have to be it for a while; I need to get back to art. April 12th art show deadline looming, tick tock!   It won't be easy to put the camera down. I just bought a new 40mm lens to replace the 55mm lens that wore out some time ago and has been sitting in drawer.

Confession, I hardly know anything about the workings of a camera. F stops, I Google them, think I understand what it's all about, then forget everything a day later. My camera is a second hand Canon 20D from 2005, a dinosaur. I shoot with a $100 prime lens. It has no zoom but does auto focus. I primarily use Windows Photo Gallery for photo editing. You don't need high end cameras or much photo editing knowledge to enjoy photography.

I believe photography is mostly about the person holding the camera. Your photos are a reflection of you, so don't try to be like anyone else. Now, have a little fun and pick up a camera today.

My best tips:  Photograph in natural light. Photo editing, use the crop feature often!

The book I made of our family vacation turned out great. ( made online, Mpix)

I also ordered two photos from Nations Photo Lab.
These two photos were printed on alligator board and metallic paper.
A great day is always a day when you create something!


  1. I love those snow pictures. It reminds me of a long time ago when I used to live in Pennsylvania. Spent 30 some years up there and loved the snow.

  2. That photo of Eva in the old truck is great!!!! No more snow okay??? xox

  3. Your recent photos are sensational! I have a thing for vintage pickup trucks so that one is my fave! Hope you had a great weekend, and feel ready to tackle your art projects ...... I too need to get back to it!

  4. I didn't think I could possibly still find snow pretty at this time of year, but those photos are stunning!

  5. A family photo book is a wonderful idea! Cherished memories! Love it Jill! And what you said about photos being a reflection of you is a different way of thinking about photography for me. It's so true, yet I never thought about it like that before. Thanks Jill!